Online Poker This Summer 2013 in Nevada


888 poker has announced that it expects to launch the first legal, real money, online poker game this summer as they are now waiting approval on their software design from the NGC Board. Once it receives approval the games can go live and 888’s partnership with Caesar’s Entertainment for it’s WSOP branded online poker site will be a reality. I expect everything else in the online poker world will begin to move at a fast pace once this software in launched, as other companies position themselves to keep up and other states pass laws allowing online gaming.

888 poker

New Jersey passed a law in February legalizing online gaming and more states will follow suit as they chase the tax revenue that internet pokerĀ  will generate. Reportedly, Nevada has granted licensing for 20 companies already with more to follow, so the market for online poker sites is likely to become crowded quickly as the games get going and the cards are dealt. None of these other companies has of yet put forth an actual date to have their games online, but the expectations are by the end of the year at latest.

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