Phil Ivey and Borgata Lawsuit Take Another Turn


At this point it’s been fairly well documented that the Borgata casino in Atlantic City has sued Phil Ivey for basically what amounts to cheating at baccarat.

Ivey used a technique called ‘edge sorting’ that pretty much allows a player to utilize patterns on the back of the cards in order to identify them. What Ivey did was find an identifiable flaw in the pattern and then exploit it to the tune of nearly $10 million dollars. In fact, during one longĀ  session, Ivey won $4.8 million! Predictably, the casino learned of Ivey exploiting the card flaw and with held about $12 million in Ivey’s winnings, refusing to pay him. Ivey sued and lost and the Borgata has sued Ivey and won. This latest development has Ivey’s attempt to have the suit thrown out of court failing, so it looks like court proceedings with the Borgata Lawsuit will continue against Phil.



Ivey’s contention has always been that he simply found an advantage and exploited it which is what professional gamblers do. It is their job to exploit advantages over other players at a poker table for example. While I can kind of buy that argument, the courts didn’t and it looks like things probably won’t turn out great for Phil with this one. I can’t help but wonder why someone with Phil Ivey’s skill at the poker table would feel the need to cheat at baccarat, but if the casino would have no their due diligence it would not have been possible. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out and no matter what, it has not had a real positive effect on Phil Ivey’s reputation, fair or unfair as that may be.


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