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I have been asked by several players lately if I still offer the Poker Boot Camps that I did a couple of years back. These Boot camps were fairly successful, but as my poker coaching at Chris Wilcox Poker has evolved over the years, I have changed some of my formats.

Poker Coaching
Poker Coaching

I don’t actually offer the boot camps anymore as I have found over the years that it was more beneficial to my clients to offer exclusively one-on-one, private coaching/instruction rather than group instruction. Indeed, I have had several clients who have put out quite a bit of money to attend ‘other’¬† camps and found that it didn’t improve their poker game at all. They did notice instant improvements when they went through one-on-one coaching programs with me. I believe this is because it is really tough to do a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to coaching unless all the players are on a VERY rudimentary level. Every poker player is different and everyone’s game is a little different. Much like a swing coach helps a golfer with his/her individual swing, grip, stance, etc, I do the same for players that I coach.

Basically what I do is design instruction specifically based on your game, your perceived problem areas, and the games you intend to play going forward. That way you can get the maximum out of what I teach you. I do this through a series of one or two phone interviews to get a feel for your game, which I take extensive notes about. Then once we get together in person, I coach based off a custom program for YOU. I do have a 100-point program that I built and teach from. Some of those areas will be totally relevant to you, some will not. We will spend more time on some and less on others, etc. At the end, I spend several days going over everything we have discussed and give  you a complete write up of all our time together; what you excel at, what you need to work on, and what you need going forward. I also remain in touch with you in the future to answer any questions and I do that for all my players.

The charge for this is $999 if you want a 1-day program or $1499 if you want 2 days. When I say 1 day, I mean I spend basically 8-10 hours with you. We will go through instruction, then play either cash games or small tournaments. We analyze from there, back and forth and so on. We pretty much spend 1-2 days talking nothing but poker including lunch and sometimes dinner breaks if necessary. At the end I compile everything we have gone over and send you what usually amounts to a 6-10 page document for you to refer to going forward.

If neither of these is of interest to you, I generally charge $150/hour for shorter 2-4 hour consultations. Of course, we would have a preliminary phone conversation for me to determine the best way to help your game (and for you to determine if you are interested in purchasing coaching from me) before any money changes hands or commitments are made. In other words, we get to know each other a bit first. If you are a player you can’t get to Vegas for in person coaching I do offer phone analysis on a case by case basis. This usually works best when you buy 8-hour blocks from me and we use then over a week or a month in a series of phone calls or Skype calls after you have played sessions in your home town.



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