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After a bit of a haitus from coaching the last few years, I am going to be turning my attention to full time poker coaching again in the summer of 2015 as my family and I move back to Las Vegas. Although I have continued to coach for select client over the past couple of years, it has not been my primary focus while I have looked after other business interests and been out of the Vegas area. As of July, 2015 I will be available for coaching in the Vegas area and will be offering a myriad of packages depending on your poker playing needs.

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My most extensive packages offer 1-3 days of private one on one poker coaching (Usually focusing on No Limit Holdem) and most players find these to be the most beneficial as they really allow me to delve into and analyze a particular player’s game.  These types of sessions we usually split into core poker topics depending on the player’s level of advancement, time spend at the poker table, and then analysis of what took place at the table. Of course every coaching session I do is always accompanied by extensive written documents of the players strengths and weaknesses and what he/she needs to work on moving forward. As any of my previous players will tell you, once you hire me for coaching, I always remain available for follow up, even years later. Much like golf, poker is a game that you need to retool you play in every once in a while to spot leaks etc. So, just as pro golfers have swing coaches, a smart poker player will have a poker coach as well to make sure that their game is running optimally and profitably.

I will also be available for shorter 3-4 hour type sessions if a player happens to be in town and needs a quick tune up before playing a tournament or high stakes cash game. I  accommodate each player’s individual needs for the game that they want to excel at rather than just lumping them all into one box and teaching ideas and techniques that they may already know or not need. As always, I do not coach anyone without starting with a short phone interview to get to know the player and what they need to improve their game. Then, whether it is 3 hours or 3 days, I develop a coaching plan for each individual player.

Several players have asked about my boot camps and I may offer those again in limit setting perhaps once or twice a year. At this point, I generally perfect to focus on one on one coaching since I think  its more beneficial to the player, but if several players are at the same skill level, I may again offer my Boot Camp in the upcoming months.

I will be in and out of Vegas starting at the end of May for the WSOP so feel free to contact me by clicking this link to take you to my handy online form:


I will usually email you back within 24 hours or call you if you leave a phone number.

Good luck at the tables, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the 2015 WSOP!



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