Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas


Some players have been asking me about what games to play while in Vegas for the WSOP when they are not playing one of the bracelet events. With most events being 3 day events, a player will have quite a bit of time to get involved in other games if he wants to and make some pretty good money on the side.

Of note is are the nightly games that will run at the Rio, the 7pm $340 buy in NL and at 11pm the $200 buy in. These will have some really nice prize purses and are a great distraction from the bracelet events if your day has ended early or your event doesn’t start until the following day.

Also, some of the tournaments around town will have larger prize pools than usual as players come to town who are not playing in the WSOP or players simply want to go somewhere else and get out of the Rio for a while. The Ventian nightly (and noon) tournament will be of interest and Caesar’s and Bellagio’s games will certainly attract more players than usual.

Over all, WSOP time is a great time for poker in Vegas in general. Just playing smaller tournament either at the WSOP or at other casinos can turn a nice profit.

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