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Today I wanted to make a short post about all the whiners and complainers that play internet poker. If you are like me and have played a lot of online poker games and tournaments, you have probably noticed the players that continually whine and complain whenever they lose a hand. Internet games are full of players who think that the world and the poker sites are out to get them,

I cannot count the number of times that I have seen another player lose a hand and then type into the chat box “typical Full Tilt” or “that always happens on Poker Stars”  Somehow, certain people think that every time they lose a hand it is due to the Poker Site purposing stacking the deck to make them lose. Or it is due to the fact that another player is a “donkey” and called a bet they should not have.

I guess my opinion is that if you truly think Full Tilt is out to get you, quit playing on the site! The funny thing is, these players moan and complain but they continue to play. If you truly think that all the “donkeys” of the world are out to defeat you and only you, then don’t play on PokerStars any longer. It is that simple.

Last night in a Full Tilt tournament I watched a player  make a big pre flop raise with pocket 7’s. After another player called, they ended up all-in against each other. The player called, did so with A-K and when an Ace came on the Turn, he decimated the player who held the pocket 7’s. To which that players response was “FFF Full Tilt. Always a donk!”

I am sorry, but someone calling your medium pocket pair with Big Slick does not make him donk! I guess he should have folded his A-K in the face of a raise! Players like this expect everyone to get out of the way when they make a play and poker just does not work that way. Further, I would not even consider this close to a bad beat. It was basically a coin flip type hand anyway. Sometimes the flip goes you way and sometimes it doesn’t, but calling other players names and bitching about it doesn’t change anything and it gets very tiresome for the other players at your table.

Folks, there are going to be bad beats when you play poker. Just because you are a 4:1 favorite doesn’t mean you are going to win that hand every time. It also doesn’t mean the poker site is out to get you if you lose. It just means you got unlucky. The sooner you realize this and learn to adjust your mindset, the sooner your overall game will improve.

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