PokerStars Deal To Aquire Atlantic City Casino Expires


If not a terribly earth shattering development, it is at least interesting to note that PokerStars deal to acquire an Altantic City casino, the Atlantic Club Casino has expired. PokerStars has not been granted the proper license to complete the deal and the window to do so has come and gone. State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, said the deal may not be totally done and something could be worked out later this year.

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The significance lies in the simple fact that this would have gotten PokerStars back into the US online poker market. Having been forced to leave the US by the DOJ in the Black Friday fiasco of 2011, PokerStars has been searching for a way to legitimately re-enter the US poker market and this deal would have been it. Remember, New Jersey is one of only 3 states (as of this writing) to have legalized online poker. Eventually, New Jersey would like to be a central point for regulated, legal poker in the US.

I expect this deal will rear it’s head in some form or fashion again in the future, but it comes as a bit of a surprise that it did get completed this time around. New Jersey still plans to have online poker games up and running by November 2013 at the latest, but it looks like it may not be with a PokerStars partnership in place.

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