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As of a couple of weeks ago I am now living full time in Las Vegas and am offering private poker coaching on a full time basis. As anyone who has ever gotten coaching from me knows, I am one of the few coaches available who puts together a custom program for each client. I do not teach you ‘by the numbers’ poker that you have heard a hundred times before and that will not help your game. As always, I interview every player before I coach them to determine how I can best improve their game. Whether you want to meet for 2 hours on the Strip or spend a couple hours on the phone, or do 2 days of intensive poker analysis, I will devise a program that will fit your needs and make you a better player. I do have my 100-point course (See below for a brief sample) that I work off with for certain topics, but by and large I focus on what YOU, the player need to be successful at the games you play.

  1. Starting Hand Selection: Hands that may be considered and the goal of playing each hand.
  2. Playing position and how it affects starting hand selection.
  3. Playing from out of position.
  4. Betting: Why you bet and what you hope to accomplish by betting. How much to bet, when to bet, etc
  5. Controlling your emotions
  6. Reading your opponent
  7. Bluffing: when to bluff, how to bluff and who to bluff against
  8. Table image: when it matters and when it doesn’t
  9. Building a chip stack in a tournament
  10. Continuation Bets: what they mean, what they don’t mean, when to use them, and when not to.
  11. Playing pocket pairs
  12. Playing Small pocket pairs
  13. Large pocket pairs
  14. Full table games vs. short handed games
  15. Pot Odds
  16. Easy ways to calculate pot odds
  17. Odds you are getting on your money
  18. Playing big stacked early in a tournament
  19. Playing short stacked early in a tournament (and how to know when you are)
  20. Bankroll management
  21. Implied Pot Odds
  22. Going on Tilt and how to avoid it.
  23. Spotting your opponents on Tilt and what to do about it
  24. Betting patterns
  25. Reading the board
  26. Orphan flops
  27. Identifying your own mistakes
  28. Recovering from mistakes during a tournament
  29. Table talk
  30. Criticizing your opponents and why its best to keep your mouth shut
  31. Picking up information at the table
  32. How to play against a ‘call station’
  33. How to play against a ‘maniac aggressive’ player
  34. Changing gears in a tournament
  35. Tight play: when to loosen up and when not to.

If you want to improve your cash game, I can help. If your goal is to become a live tournament shark, I can get you there. If you want to learn how to make money playing online here in Nevada, I can show you how to do that do. The point is, if you want to improve your poker game and make more money, my coaching will help you do it.

Chris Wilcox Poker

You can contact Chris Wilcox at: or call 702-850-2377 for a free consultation.



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