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Let me just begin by saying, ‘I love Razz.’ It’s probably because I am more than half crazy because a more frustrating poker game does not exist, but I do truly love to play Razz. I think the main reason for this is, most other poker players suck at it! Razz is a game that if you start to ‘get it’, you can truly dominate other players who play it because most of the players you will come up against don’t ‘get it’ and thus are not very good.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the applications for making money as a top notch Razz player are very limited. It’s not like you can go down to your neighborhood casino and sit down at a Razz game. You will probably never find a Razz cash game live, so you will be restricted to tournament play online or as part of bigger promotions such as the WSOP, Venetian Deep Stacks, Caesar’s tournament series, etc. You will also find it as part of H.O.R.S.E games, which are about as rare as Razz tournaments. (Although as of this writing, you can find a weekly HORSE tournament at the MGM grand on Tuesday nights with a $120 buy in! I would not bet my house that it will be around for a long period of time though.)

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