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I tend to play a lot of Razz tournaments, mainly on FT; God knows why, most of the time I hate it! I play however, mainly because there are a ton of players who have no idea about any kind of Razz strategy. They figure, get a couple of low cards and then push every hand. Bet, raise, whatever. These are the players that I love to play against because Razz is a game that is full of ups and downs. If you cannot deal with that you will not be a successful Razz player.

The reason why a very aggressive strategy is not always the winning one in Razz is the reason why the game is so frustrating. When you have A-A or K-K in NL Holdem, you know you have a good hand. When you start with A-2-3 in Razz you think you have a great hand until your next 3 cards are K-K-J.  This is why you cannot constantly push in Razz games. It will catch up with you when you have great cards on 3rd or 4th street and you brick out and your opponent draws great cards. You have got to roll with the punches more with Razz than any other game and especially in Razz tournaments.

I do favor a fairly aggressive style, but you have to be very aware of when your opponent is drawing better than you are. Conversely, you also have to be aware of when he is bricking out and drawing badly, even if you are drawing badly yourself. Many times you can take down hands with junk of your own, simply because your opponent is pairing up and hitting high cards. Be aware of these 2 factors will make you much more money in Razz tournaments than simply pushing with every hand and trying to bully everybody out of the hand. Try it and your bankroll will like you for it.

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