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Finshed 2nd last night and made some pretty good money in a fairly large multi-table Razz tournament on Full Tilt. I have been playing quite a lot of Razz lately and it is fairly easy to find some good cash games, and especially tournaments on FT. Some of the other sites I play on don’t have much for Razz games and I find there are not as many good players playing Razz.

I am not saying that it is easy to make money at games like Razz all the time, but I do enjoy the variation from NL Holdem. It can be very frustrating, so if you are looking to improve your Razz skills or practice for mixed games like HORSE, try a $5.50 tournament to get started. You can usually find these on FT once every hour or so under the ‘tournament’ and ‘all’ tabs.

I also made some money in a HA tournament yesterday and I am seeing these more and more on Full Tilt as well. This is a Pot Limit Holdem/ Pot Limit Omaha mixed game and they are becoming more and more popular. A few months ago I didn’t see many HA tournaments on FT and now I find them quite regularly as well. Again, I think these types of games are good to play because they bring a lot of NL Holdem players into the mix that just do not have the skill set or experience at anything but NL Holdem.

If you are playing on FT anyway, start trying some of these various games and you might find that your bankroll swells because of it.

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