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Most of the poker coaching I do is done in person here in Las Vegas. I think it is optimal to be able to sit face to face and work through a players poker game. However, part of what I do is by phone or by Skype for players that can’t get to Vegas right away and want to shore up their game in the city they live in. I call this Remote Poker Coaching and it is highly effective in analyzing your game and making the changes you need to be profitable. It is great if you can get to Las Vegas and we can play inĀ  the various casinos here, but sometimes you need questions answered and you need them answered now.

I am currently running a special of 7-8 hours of phone/Skype coaching for $499. This can be done as a recurring monthly charge or just a one time thing if you prefer. You can use all your time in one session or spread it out an hour at a time over the course of a month if you wish. What I do is go through areas you are excelling in and areas that might be giving you trouble and provide you with a written document after each of our calls, reinforcing what we have spoken about. That way you have something to refer to go forward and it gives me something to build off to customize our future sessions to fit your game. Every poker player is different and it is important that I get to know your particular game to optimize my instruction for you going forward.


These sessions tend to go differently for each player and we can use the time however you choose. Sometimes it might be best to review hands and problem areas from the last tournament or cash session you played to see what you should have done differently. Sometimes it might be beneficial to discuss mathematics and pot odds and when you should draw to that flush or fold your hand. The point is, we will discuss topics and situations that apply to YOU and your game. When we are done I will spend time writing up a synopsis from my notes about our session and email that to you so that you can refer to it later on.

I can also tell you that I always over deliver in all my coaching. I seldom just spend an hour talking to you. If we go and hour and a 1/2 I generally don’t charge extra so you don’t have to worry about being nickle and dimed to death because we went to long. My interest is in getting your poker game to be profitable. Period.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: or call me any time at 702-850-2377


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