Response from Senator Baucus on Recent Online Poker Developments


Today I just thought I would print the bullshit response letter that I got back from Senator Max Baucus in regards to the recent upheaval and basic annihilation of online poker as we know it in this country. Typically, Baucus, probably much like most US Senators has no idea what is going on with the millions of players affect in the US by the recent DOJ’s actions. To wit:

‘Dear Chris:

Thank you for getting in touch with your support for legal online poker.  I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

American law has always reflected our ambivalence towards gambling.  Anti-gambling laws were common in colonial America, yet even then the lottery was a popular form of public finance.  A majority of states continue to outlaw most forms of gambling, but most also continue to employ a lottery as a means of public finance and to allow several other forms of gambling as well.  The Wire Act (1994) made the use of telecommunications to conduct gambling a federal crime.  Consequently, online gambling was illegal well before the popularization of Internet poker.

Rest assured, if and when legislation affecting online gambling comes before the 112th Congress, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

Please contact me with any additional comments or questions.  I also encourage you to visit my website at for more information on issues at home in Montana and across the nation.  Thanks for keeping in touch.





Thanks for the response, Max, it shows that you are about as in touch with this issue as you are with the current length of my finger-nails! At least if you are going to send, stupid, canned responses, they could be something that is somewhat current and relevant.

Go take care of all your special interest lobbyists, and then get out of the Senate! Montana needs someone who actually bothers to stay informed on current, hot-button issues. Moron.

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