Sit N Go’s Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas


Over the weekend I was in Las Vegas playing some poker and I thought I would write a couple of quick notes on some of the activities I found going on in various poker rooms on the Strip. The WSOP is gearing up with events already starting, so I won’t get side tracked with that, but I will share a couple of pretty good values I found.

The Mirage is one of the few casinos on the Strip that offers Sit n Go’s. Much as they are online, these are a great way to play in a tournament without having to block off 6 or 8 hours of your time. These tournaments typically last 1 hour to 1 -1/2 hours and are like a Turbo in nature, with Blinds increasing every 15 minutes. They are 10 player Sit n Go’s and you can buy in for $70, $115, and $175. 1st and 2nd places are paid, with $420 to the winner in the $70 buy in, $700 to the winner of the $115 buy in, and $1050 to the winner of the $175 buy in.  Really a nice way to spend less than 2 hours playing poker.

For those of you who want a little longer tourney, the Mirage offers a $125 buy in tournament Sunday-Thursday at 7pm. This tournament will pay anywhere from the top 5 places to the top 18 places, depending on how many entrants there are.

Across the street, the Venetian offers  a similar tournament Sunday through Friday starting at noon, but they have a little twist; It is $130+$15 buy in + $5 Staff Bonus. Your $145 buy in gives you $6000 in chips and the $5 Staff bonus buys you another $1500 in chips provided you buy it before playing your first hand. This tournament has 30 minute levels and generally gets a good number of entrants providing a generous prize pool. This is a popular tournament and one that I would recommend that you  put on your itinerary when you are in Vegas. It offers a very nice value for your money.

Treasure Island, although they have a small poker room, offers one of the most fun tournaments on the Strip with their Head Hunter Bounty tournament. Similar to Full Tilt’s Knockout tournaments, (one of my personal favorites!) this tournament has a $125 buy in with $50 going to the prize pool and $50 going to a “bounty” on each player. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that knocking out 3 players will get you more than your buy-in back, plus, with 30+ entries, the top 4 places are paid. With such a nice knock-out bonus, you can make quite a little bit of money with this tournament, played Wednesday at 11am and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7pm. It is also a deep stack with $5,000 in starting chips and 30 minute levels.

Overall, there is a lot of Texas Hold’em to be played in Vegas, but these

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