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I am frequently asked by poker players who mainly play NL Hold’em the best way to learn and get into other various poker disciplines. Games like Omaha, Omaha h/l(omaha 8), Stud, Stud h/l (stud 8), Razz, and Horse can be kind of intimidating if you have not played before. No matter how good you are at NL Hold em you may not want to risk much of your poker bankroll learning something new. Nor should you! There are games that you can play on both Full Tilt and PokerStars that will get you in cheap and give you the maximum amount of experience for your money.

Rather than play cash games that can eat you up pretty quickly if you make a mistake, try playing smaller dollar tournaments. Just scroll through the tournament tab on either Full Tilt or PokerStars and you will find throughout the day, tournaments from $1+.10 to $10+1.00 that will get you some experience without hurting your bankroll too badly. Many times a $5.50 Razz game wll have 150 or so players, so you can get in a lot of hands and also pickup a little bit of money if you make a final table or win. This is a much better value for your dollar than cash games when you are just learning. Of course, you are playing a tournament structure, so you will be forced to move with the flow of the tournament, but overall these small dollar games will provide you with experience worth many times their buy-in.

No matter what site you play on, you should be able to find these games, but Full Tilt and PokerStars have the most variety. So, get on and give thema  try. It is always a good idea to expand your poker vocabulary and in the long run it will be good for your bankroll as well.

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  1. If you want the basics, then you will have to buy another book from me! The basics are not something that can be addressed in a short blog post. However, one of the first keys to realize with H/L games is that you need to play pots where you can scoop the entire pot. Too many players get caught up and risk too much money on pots that they only stand to win 1/2 of IF everything goes well.
    For example, I have seen tons of plays ship off their entire stacks because they were dealt a hand with A-2 in it. Sure, that is a great start to a low hand, but remember, there ISNT always a low hand. Same thing to an extant, with high hands. If you can see that a low hand has probably hit, don’t commit tons of chips to it. You could end up with 1/2 the pot and your risk is much too high for your potential game (same with the low) Worse, someone could tie you for the high or low and you could end up with a 1/4 pot.
    So, for basics, play tight and learn to identify the right hands to become involved in. In other words only the ones that give you a chance at both the high and low. For more involved discussion, see me after class!


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