Super Turbo Bounty NLH Tournament Talking Stick Poker Room


I often get focused on keeping my readers up to date on Vegas tournaments and even online promotions (for my out of the US clients) by I thought I should take a minute to mention a tournament coming up this Saturday at Talking Stick Resort here in AZ. It is a $225 buy in Super Turbo Bounty tournament. No Limit Holdem, this one is played once a month most months, and is one of my favorite structures. For a total of $235 ($10 dealer appreciation) you get $12,500 in chips. The great thing about this tournament is that you also get $100 bounty for each player you knock out.

This is one of the most profitable formats for NLH tournaments on this level because if you do well and make the money, you will likely have 5-10 KO’s that represent $100 each to augment your profitability. Also, if something happens and you get a bad beat at some point in the tournament, you have the opportunity to have banked a couple of KO chips, so you may make some money without even ‘making the money’! Heck, it only takes a couple of knockouts to get your buy in back, so this is a really low-risk type of NLH tournament.

Keep in mind, it is a Super-Turbo, so the blinds go up fast, but these tourneys usually see at least 300-400 players, so there is plenty of opportunity. First place will generally bring $8k-$10k so it is well worth the $235 investment to take a shot. Here’s a link to the tournament structure:

Talking Stick has a very clean, well run poker rooms, definitely my favorite in the Phoenix area, check it out for this one and other upcoming tournaments as well.



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