Texas Hold em Strategy: Playing Early in a Multi Table Tournament


Playing early on in a multi table tournament requires a different strategy than playing late or mid-way through. The main thing that you need early on is simply patience. There is a lot going on in the early stages, you have hundreds or thousands of players trying to make their move. Many players going all-in (most times when they shouldn’t) In general, everyone is trying to get out to an early lead. The reality is, that’s really the last thing you should be worrying about.

If you have read my book, you know that I have said many times you cannot win a tournament in the early stages, but you can lose it. Obviously, I did not coin this phrase, but none the less, it is  true and something you should remember in every multi table tournament you play. Just because you get a big chip lead early on does not mean you are going to be on cruise control the rest of the tournament. Sure, it is nice to have a lead, but hardly necessary and the risk  just does not outweigh the reward.

So what do you do? First, don’t fall into the trap of calling pre-flop all-ins from loose players. Second, tighten up your starting cards requirements. There is just no need to pay cards like K-7 or A-rag at this point. You are just too likely to run up against something premium. Don’t take the risk. Play the big hands like A-K, A-Q and high pocket pairs. You may also try to limp into hands with less than premium holdings to try and hit a monster, but if you hit resistance from someone, get out of the hand.

Second, play position. Obviously you can’t raise from the button every hand, but don’t be afraid to try and steal pots where you are last to act. Don’t be afraid to make some continuation bets post flops. The key is, if you get re-raised, get out. Your style here should be to just “dink&dunk” Pick up your share of uncontested pots, but don’t allow yourself to be put into positions where your tournament life is on the line unless you are a huge favorite.

Your goal is simple: Stick around to where you can make the money, the blinds are getting large, and you can start picking up blinds and antes to build your stack for the final table. You can’t do this if you get into coin-flip confrontations early on. Again, patience really is the key to multi table tournament play. If you can learn that, you will be ahead of 90% of your competition.

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