The Best No Limit Texas Hold em Strategy


I play a lot of online poker. I have watched the way many, many different players play the game and really I think there is only one strategy for No Limit Texas Hold em that works every time. If you can master this one play, you will increase your profitability tenfold.

The best strategy that you can have is to just go all-in every hand. Really. If you just hit that all-in button, most of the time all the other players at your table will fold. Think about it. It is pretty intimidating to play against someone who goes all in every hand. If not every hand, then at least 90% of the time you should go all-in.

If you have any Ace; go all-in. If you have any pair; go all-in. If someone raises in front of you; go all-in. Seriously, even if you have crappy cards, you will probably suck out and win the hand anyway. Most of the time you see players playing crap in on-line poker, they suck out unbelievable hands to win. Just think-you can be that player!

Really, any hand should be good enough to go all-in. Even if you lose, well, the next time you will probably win, so why not just take your shot at it. It is better than trying to play with skill. It takes a lot of time and practice and patience to master No Limit Hold’em. Why bother? Just hit the all-in button and your career path is set. It is that simple, people. All-in is where it is at.

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