The Continuing Saga of Cashing Out With Full Tilt Poker


After nearly 6 weeks of correspondence with Full Tilt about where my cashout checks were and then why they bounced, I finally have the money back in my Full Tilt Poker account. Yippeee!!!

Yesterday I was contacted again by a Full Tilt rep who apologized profusely for my inconvenience, told me the money was back into my account and that they were giving me an additional $25 as a goodwill gesture to cover any bank fees that the bounced checks may have incurred. Again, Yippeee!!!

Here is my response to the $25. Needless to say, I was not thrilled at FT’s half-heart attempt at rectifying the situation:

“So, I wait for my money for 5 weeks, the checks bounce and your idea to keep me as a customer is to give me $25??? Lol

A returned check charge at my bank is $28. I have several because of these checks bouncing. Not to mention the charge for depositing checks on a closed account, which is what these were. $25 doesn’t even cover one check fee. That is an insult.
Furthermore, why did you correspond with me by email for a month telling me that ‘there was an issue’ but not what the issue was? Why didn’t you just come out and say that the checks were no good so that payment could have been stopped on them and saved me the time and trouble. I could have chosen a different payment method weeks ago. Instead, you told me there was a delay with the checks, which then turn out to be no good.Then you offer me $25???

I have been a customer with Full Tilt for years and paid thousands of dollars in rake over the years. I am totally insulted and pissed off by the way my money has been handled from start to finish”

Ok, so obviously, I am pissed and I think justifiably so. Here is my response from Full Tilt:

“Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this matter has caused you. We realize this has not been an ideal situation and have always communicated to you the most up to date information that we had available.

The transaction amount has now been returned to your Full Tilt account, along with a goodwill credit for the inconvenience caused and to cover any banking charges you may have incurred as a direct result of this issue.

If your bank or Financial Institution has charged you a fee greater than the goodwill credit issued, please send us the information listed below.

If you have been charged a fee, we kindly request that you provide us with clear, unaltered and unobstructed scans of your bank statements displaying the fee associated to with the check. Please note that if you do not receive paper statements we can also accept a screenshot of your online statement, so long as all the details are present.

When providing this documentation, please ensure the following criteria are met:
* Copies must be clear and legible (400 DPI or higher recommended for scanned copies).
* Only full page documents accepted (bill/pay stubs, folded papers and partial sections do not apply).
* Email attachments cannot exceed 3 MB and must be in JPEG (.jpg) or Adobe (.pdf) format.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know. We’re always here to help.


Full Tilt Poker”

Needless to say this didn’t make me any more happy than the $25 did. Full Tilt has lost me as a customer and I would counsel others to not bother with this site anymore as well. Yesterday I did a bank wire transfer for the same money I tried to cash out 6 weeks ago, we will see if that works, but I have no confidence in anything Full Tilt does at this point and it is too bad. At one time it was a pretty good site with pretty good support, but if you cannot count on getting your money out of it then there is no point in playing.

Over the course of the next week I will be experimenting with Ultimate Bet and PokerStars to see how bad the cashout and deposit problems have gotten with those two site, but Full Tilt has seen their last dime from me.

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  1. Chris , Im am going through the same issue with FullTilt poker. My check bounced and all the same emails you have gotten. Now that the money was returned to my account I did a bank transfer only to be denied two days later, I got the email from them saying it was denied and tried to log onto FullTilt Poker to see my options on getting my $800 and it keeps saying my password is incorrect I tried to get a temporary password and was still denied access to account. So now Im waiting for a response from them. I am starting to get the feeling Im being scammed!

    • Jason,
      I will keep you posted as to whether or not my transfer actually takes place. You need to go to Full Tilt in your browser instead of pulling up the software and email them through that. I think it is and send them a generic email explaining the problem. I am not saying that will help but it sounds pretty suspicious that you can’t even log into your account. The more complaining you do, the more likely they are to resolve the situation. I agree with you, I am feeling scammed here too!

  2. I’m not sure why yours is the only post that seems to be out there in recent times. Full Tilt used to be the quickest to get checks from. Then, their processor started keeping the money until the very last day of the “15 business days” deadline. Then, they started coming late. I am lucky that none of my checks bounced before they stopped doing checks altogether. So, I requested bank transfer last time. Still hasn’t been received, although only six biz days thus far. However, went to do another one today, and there is a notice saying they are having trouble with the transfers, and it might take MORE than 15 business days.
    Meanwhile, PStars wound up closing a big check processing account and immediately contacted me telling me not to cash a check if it came, gave me 10% for my trouble,put the money right back in my account, and then got me a check DHL’ed within 3 biz days. Cashed out again with them and once again, got it within 3 biz days.
    Will be interested in future comments, thanks.

  3. WOW ok, so I am not the only one…Oct 16th I requested a cashout from tilt. After 20 days I wrote them (they never bothered to tell me) that thier processor was having troubles, They gave me 25.00 for my trouble and asked me to try a different cashout meathod. Again I waited for a couple weeks and then was told that the other processor was having problems, this time the told me they were going to wire the money to my account, I would have it by 12/10, and gave me an additional 50.00 for my troubles. Guess what, its now 12-11 and no funds have shown up in my bank, and I cant get them to answer a email about where my money is. Starting to feel like I am screwed.

    • Gary, Not sure where the problem is now with FT. The wire transfers have worked fine for me and I have gotten 2 recently: the cash that I initially had trouble with and then another larger one because I accidentally won on the free $25 they gave me!-LOL
      Anyway, this was last week, so I was thinking that their troubles may be getting behind them as far as the wire transfers go.

      • Chris,

        Still NO money for me in my account. Going on 2.5 months now. Got this email from them today (after I emailed them 2 days ago asking) Nothing has hit my bank yet even though the wire transfer was initiated with them 3 weeks ago…guess there will be no christmas this year (at least not one that is on time)..sheesh

        Thank you for your email.

        As stated a Wire transaction has been initiated to expedite the delivery of the funds to you. Your Full Tilt account has been credited already with $50 to cover any potential Wire fees.We have confirmed that the transaction was processed by the processor. You should receive the funds shortly, please look out on your bank statement for the transaction in the coming days.In that case if your bank rejected the transaction the funds will be returned to our processor by your bank. At that point we will return the funds to your Full Tilt account. Unfortunately, as various third parties are involved, we are unable to provide an exact date as to when these funds will be returned.

        Rest assured that any issues surrounding Bank Transfer withdrawal have been resolved and you can withdraw using that option as normal.

        We appreciate your patience and understanding in regards to this issue and once again apologize for any inconvenience caused.


        Full Tilt Poker


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