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Today’s post is just a short one to share a comment that I got from a client who has drastically improved his poker play with my e-book and my private coaching sessions. While, results d o vary, this is a typical response that I have gotten with just a couple of short coaching sessions after a client has read my e-book.

This particular person also found Full Tilt to be a little more fun and intuitive than PokerStars which was previously the only site he had played at.

Here is his email after playing poker for a couple of hours following my coaching sessions. This player was a novice who had never played at all prior to reading my e-book.

Thanks for your coaching sessions.  I signed up for a Full Tilt account through your blog and am really enjoying the user interface compared with Pokerstars.  More importantly, I cannot believe how well your suggestions have helped me out.  Today I have played in 10 tournaments and have finished in the money 6 out of the 10.  4 of the 6 I finished in first place.  I attribute all of my success to your expertise, both in your book and in your private coaching sessions.  I am now using a much stronger betting strategy, playing smart from position and have started to read the other players at the table much better as you instructed.

Thanks again and here are a few screen shots of my success.


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