Tony G on Full Tilt Poker Cash Outs


Tony G was on ESPN’s podcast, the Poker Edge, recently. The G discussed Black Friday with hosts Andrew Feldman and Gary Wise.

“Isn’t it more important for a gaming board or someone that regulates someone to ensure that players get paid? Isn’t that why you want to be regulated? Because as a player then there’s no difference for you then,” he said during the podcast. The three discussed the gaming commissions, and Full Tilt Poker.

When Tony was asked about his prediction on the return of player funds and how it will affect the WSOP he said, “If Full Tilt Poker money isn’t paid to players by the World Series of Poker, it’ll be really bad. Players will be ashamed to show their faces. I for one will probably not play. There would probably be too much work to do. It would be too big of a problem. There doesn’t seem to be a firm time line. I hope there’s a plan that we don’t know about that’s going to come to fruition.”

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