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Well, I haven’t heard much about the new Ulimate poker that has been up and running for a month or so now in Nevada. Cash games and some tournaments are available and it seems to me that the games are gaining a little traction, but it is more ‘slowly but surely’ rather than an all out explosion. When I played a WSOP even at the Rio last month, I did not notice many players talking about the online games as I expected I might, and over I thought the traffic was less than I have seen in recent years.

Poker Table

The WSOP is heavily promoting their own brand of online poker however, which is set to get cards in the air sometime this fall. The Rio had kiosks set up to collect player’s email addresses and then gave them a badge to wear around that was supposedly good for a $500 cash drawing here and there, although in 2 days I didn’t see any evidence of anyone winning $500-lol. They are promoting it big time though and hopefully it will gain ground more quickly than Ultimate Poker has. Of course, it will still ONLY be available to be played in Nevada, although any one can play as long as they are playing from a NV IP address.

I guess the 6 months or so will tell us alot about the future of online poker as other states legalize it as well and NV works out the kinks. Overall, at this point, it seems to be proceeding a bit more slowly than anticipated.



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