Updates on Full Tilt Poker Cash Out Problems


A couple of weeks have gone by since I have had troubles with Full Tilt’s bounced checks, etc. Since then I have gotten my wire transfer as well as another one that took less than 48 hours to hit my account. I have also gotten a lot of email and comments from fellow poker players who have had the same problems I did, and then never gotten their money at all.

I was thinking that when the wire transfers worked FT’s problems were behind them, but maybe not since I have been hearing horror stories from so many other players. I wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with what state you live in? Perhaps different states are enacting different banking laws that are making it difficult for Full Tilt to wire money. I would not be surprised if that was the case and will endeavor to look into this matter and find out where the problem lies.

I am certainly not impressed with the way FT has communicated during these problems with player’s cash outs, but may I remind everyone that the problem lies within the Bush era laws and the US government for not totally legalizing and regulating online poker. These problems would cease to exist if not for the government making it hard on banks to transfer monies that have to do with online gaming.

Let this be a lesson to all of us poker players and get online and support the PPA, the only group that is working to fix this crap!

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  1. I cashed out on 2/11/11. I never received the cashout and got a line of BS from Full Tilt until they finally stated that the cashout was not sent. They said they would send me a premium wire. I NEVER GOT THAT! NOW THEY ARE STATING THEY NEED TO INVESTIGATE THEIR 3RD PARTY VENDORS! WTF????


    • Ray- This is the problem that I have been talking about with FT! I cannot believe that there are not more posts on the net about this. The customer service sucks and if you can’t get anyone to tell you what is really going on, how do you know if you are every going to get your money? This is exactly the problem that I had a few months ago. I did finally collect, but if you can’t trust a site to make their pay-outs, then you might as well be playing solitaire.

      • Chris-

        Thanks for your comments! This is not the first time it has happened…and they made good before, but this time I think they have full intent on stiffing their players. I was stupid and let the first time go after they paid me. This time I am receiving the “NO RESPONSE” treatment. If and when I ever collect my cashout I wont be as stupid this time. Noone should play at Full Tilt…too risky to THE WINNERS!

        • I couldn’t agree more! What is really bizarre is that they seem to be paying some player’s cash outs and not others??? WTF??
          Regardless, the trust is gone, and the excuses (if there are any) are inadequate at best, so if you can’t trust a poker site to pay you your winnings, what is the point of even playing?
          If banking laws have made it to the point of where they cannot pay, then SAY SO!!
          Simply taking player’s money and then finding excuses to not pay them if they win is the behavior of a bad bookie, not a multi-billion dollar, supposedly legit, poker site!

  2. Full Tilt had been giving my brother the run around withdrawing his funds for almost two months. Then I had my first large tournment final table and the wire transfer came through in less than 72 hours. So he transfered his funds to me to cash out. I in turn paid him out of my personal bank roll. That was almost five weeks ago. FT has answered 2 of my e-mails with the same bs. A third party processer messed up. Not my fing problem. They take my funds in less than 24 hrs. When I play well enough to win I expect my funds back in a reasonable amount of time. Is there a site out there who treats their customers fairly?

    • Don-This is my main bitch with FT-why do they wire you the money sometimes and not others? And if they have a problem, why not communicate it to customers? Its almost like they have no customer service at all, except for form emails that tell you absolutely nothing!
      To answer your question, I think there is an alternative; I have been playing for a while at GR88: http://record.gr88.com/_0NJkV2kmmhHk9mx2SfmU_WNd7ZgqdRLk/1
      I have had no problems with deposits or cash outs and you can talk to Jason by email or Skype pretty much any time.
      Sure, you have to wait a bit more for certain games, but they have usually 5,000-10,000 players at any given time and it is building. I think it is worth it to wait for a game or tournament, in exchange for actually getting your money when you win!
      Email me at chris@internetpokercoach.com if you want to talk about it or want any more info.

  3. Dated 2/15! Unreal BS continues…Tell a friend, tell a million! And as of today…NO PAYMENT! I am convinced they have two rules, 1)

    1)pay a few, and steal alot!
    2)the few that are paid, must lose alot in rake first! Good players will be punished.

    Your transaction has been delayed by a third party processor issue. Unfortunately we do not have an update at this time. We are working closely with the processor for a speedy resolution to this issue. This issue is currently our number one priority and you will be notified via email once the solution is in place. Your funds are safe and you will receive the funds as soon as possible. We do realize this is a very frustrating situation for you and we do appreciate how much inconvenience this issue is causing you. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. Regards, CashierFull Tilt Poker Support

    • I think the other rule is ‘do not communicate any problems with any of your players at all. Only send out vague form-emails that really don’t mean a thing. That way, players never really know where there money is at or if they will ever get paid at all.’

  4. I am an Australian player and have been trying to get a Neteller cashout for a week now. I have recieved a number of excuses as to why my cashout hasn’t been processed, ranging fomr a high number of transactions slowing down the process to technical issues.

    I have pretty much given up on getting my money out of Fulltilt and will be advising al of my poker playing frineds to play elsewhere. These people are criminals.

    • I agree. It is pretty evident that there is a big problem, since PokerStars is already cashing out US players, and Full Tilt does nothing AND can’t even honor cash-outs from outside the United States. It makes me think its because they don’t have the money to cash out anybody. PokerStars has said that they keep player’s deposits in accounts separate from their operating funds. Which means that they can always honor cash outs. Obviously, Full Tilt doesn’t operate the same way and I don’t think they have the money to cash anyone out. I guess we will see, but it doesn’t look good. Full Tilt Sucks!

  5. I Have been trying to cashout (actually 4 amounts, 1500, 2000, 315 and 1487$) and they are still processing from april 27 2011. I have sent them multiple emails and still the standard reply, we are having problems and so on…… I am from Canada so there should be no issues…. I really think this site was rigged from the beginning….. they obviously dont have the money to pay us….

    • I totally agree! You are not the first player I have heard from out of the US who can’t get a cash out, not to mention all the players IN the US whose money appears to be gone. I don’t think Full Tilt has the funds to cash players out, which is why PokerStars is cashing out American players and FT still is not.
      That is F***ing ridiculous that you have not been able to cash out at all. I truly hope you get something out of them, but I am afraid this is a story that we are going to hear over and over again as time goes on.

  6. It took over a week after a withdrawal from Full Tilt Poker to receive the money in Instadebit. Normally, the process is instantaneous. I am Canadian and did not think Full Tilt was having problems out the US but something weird was definitely up. I emailed them a few times and they gave me some “your withdrawal is our first priority” nonsense. The good news is that I finally got it. Now I hope I can get the rest and get out!

    • I am very glad you were able to get at least some money out, and I encourage all players at this point outside of the US to withdraw from Full Tilt while they still can. Hopefully the withdrawals will go through, but I have heard from some, Canadian players in particular that they have been waiting months for cash outs, even prior to ‘Black Friday’ Keep you fingers crossed and get your money out of FT soon!

  7. I can’t believe there isn’t more being said either. I live in Australia and everything is supposed to be fine for non US players. I tried to withdraw a week ago and all I am getting is lies about “their working on it”.

    Players may never get their money but if they can’t pay, they should stop operating. Every day, more players are winning money that can’t be paid to them so more victims are being created.

    They may appear to be trying to do the right thing but they are doing it in a way that is dishonest and just treats players like they are stupid.

    • I totally agree. Full Tilt’s customer service has always been shitty, but it is just getting worse and worse with the lies about ‘working on it’ etc.
      It isn’t too hard to figure out that if they had the money they would be paying players. I got jerked around for over a month last November as they told me that my
      checks ‘had been processed’ and were on the way. 40 days later I got 2 checks that bounced when I deposited them; they were written on a closed account!

  8. My bf and I are from Canada and we play on FT for a living. We thought that only US players are affected but we cashed out over 2wks ago and the status is still “processing”. We sent them email a couple of times because we need the money so bad to pay our bills but all we got is some automated response. We just got back from a vacation and spent all our cash thinking that we could withdraw on FT when we get back home. We usually use instadebit and it only takes a few mintues for the approval and about 2-3days to receive it in my bank acct. We are starting to get worried now because we have almost 10K on FT. Any updates from other players? It seems like nobody is getting paid.

    • Gloria,
      Everybody is worried and I think with good cause. I have heard from players in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and especially Canada that no one seems to be getting paid on Full Tilt. Some players I have talked to have spent months getting the same ‘processing’ message and no help or any more info from Full Tilt. As I have said before, FT’s customer service has always sucked. But, since the US shutdown and even earlier this year, it has gotten worse and worse. My opinion is that Full Tilt does not have the money to play players. It has gotten so bad, that Phil Ivey has boycotted the WSOP because Full Tilt has not paid players back yet. The really bad part is, it is affecting far more than US based players. All I can tell you is to keep emailing them every day and I sincerely hope you get your money back. Just keep bothering them, and good luck!

  9. About 8 years ago I won $27.50 in a freeroll at cardplayer.com. They put the $ on a site called Pokertropolis. I had it up to a little over $1200 when they went belly up and they sent me the money quickly even though they were bankrupt. A fellow player from there played on PokerBlue and wanted me on there so he gave me $10 and I ran that to $230 then they went under, they gave me the option to cashout or transfer the $ to FullTilt which I agreed to. I now have $735 on FullTilt, I live in US. How can 2 bankrupt companies pay me, but a fully functional company cannot? LOL

  10. Answer; they were mixing the money. I saw on just one tourney they recieved over $250,000 in tourney fees. Ridiculous that they don’t have the money. I never saw a guarantee tourney with an overlay, never in 4 years, and believe me I was looking for one cause if I did find one, I woulda played in it. I never played in a ‘guarantee’ tourney there. Only guarantee is we made someone rich. At least I can tell myself that I recieved thousands of hours of ‘free’ entertainment.

    • PRECISELY!!! I think it is pretty evident at this point that we have all been hood-winked by Full Tilt Poker, and that includes Phil Ivey.
      If PokerStars can pay literally 10’s of MILLIONS of dollars back to US players in a matter of a week after Black Friday, then there is simply no accepted reason as to why Full Tilt cannot. Plain and simple, the company was mismanaged and looted and the ‘player’s’ money is not there for them to pay back. It is in somebody like Howard Lederer’s pocket.
      Not only that, players out of the US aren’t being paid either. You would have to be a moron to be playing on that site at this point-lol

      • people would ask me when I tell them I play poker online ” what happens if they don’t pay you?” I would respond that if they didnt pay word would spread quickly and no one would play there, that was their incentive to be ‘honest’. I check FT occasionally to see if I can withdraw and apparently I was wrong. I still see idiots on there albeit, alot less, about 2/3 less from my estimation. I always said it was insane to have more than a grand on any one online site.This is just entertainment folks and to risk your livelyhood on some offshore site is, I’m sorry, rediculous. I feel bad for the people who won seats at the WSOP though. That was alot of hard work. It appears to me that FT was just a ponzi scheme ala bernie madoff, and soon it will dissapear. They are just milking everything they can.

  11. At last, some good news! I cashed out via instadebit about 10days ago and finally got approved for $1100 today. It should take a couple of days to see it on my acct. and I don’t think there’s going to be any problem with my bank. Though my bf cashed the same amount about 3wks ago ( he usually receives the check after 5 business days ) but the status is still “processing”. I’m really confused because he cashed out 2wks ahead of me and it’s still pending!?! I guess this method is not working at all but I will give you guys an update once the check gets approved.

    • That’s good to hear, hope you can get all of it. BTW I’m playing at cakepoker now, starting all over with freerolls. I like their software and they have an interesting approach to bankroll management that I haven’t seen anywhere else. just hope they can make it. The action is fairly fast except I think they give too much time to a person to act. I finally won a ticket to the $1000 freeroll so wish me luck 🙂

    • they may have been paying but not anymore so dont listen to the advocates . you gotta be careful who you listen to on these sites . the whole thing is like a ponzi scheme . instadebit or whoever you are using will probably get there cut but dont count on being able to make a withdrawal . those companies are making loads off all the people that do not win . your deposit will however be completed easily . ive been waiting a week for fulltilt to return 300 of my money to instadebit and they keep pasting the same rhetoric on e-mails to me when i ask about it . they screwed the americans and now they are ripping the rest of the world . all the links to these sites and places like money broker , instadebit and so on are in on it , they get a cut . the money funnels to the top just like a ponzi scheme . im picking up that the only legit sites are the big ones in the UK . might want to look into that

      • Thanks for the comment, however, if you would read anything that I have written in the last 6 months, you would know that I have been at the forefront of bringing out the scam that is Full Tilt and how they are ripping people off all over the world. In fact, most days I am on ‘live chat’ fielding questions from players internationally who are having problems with FT. So, again, thanks for the input, but you are barking up the wrong tree!
        Chris Wilcox-Internet Poker Coach

  12. I have been playing on Full Tilt for a number of years and have consistently tried to not leave too much money in there.

    I had $1200 in there and after all the issues, in May I decided to withdraw to be safe but also as I needed the spare cash. I have been waiting 5 weeks now for a withdrawal that has only been ‘processing’ since I did it. Not one thing has happened. I also apparently can’t choose another payment method or cancel this, which is just BS.

    I am an Australian, playing from Australia so it is clearly affecting everyone from every country, nothing to do with Black Friday or any other excuses they try to give you – it’s not against the law for me to play poker from my country.. I to just get ridiculous responses to my questions, most of the time it’s a template standard response and they won’t actually say anything useful.

    I can guarantee you there are more people out there and the delays will likely go for many months and there is a chance they could go under all together. There is absolutely no way I will ever play at FTP again and there is no way I will play anywhere remotely associated with them. They are complete scams who have previously swindled people out of money and not been great to deal with.


    Sounds like a elementary idea but plenty of people keep playing oblivious to the delays everyone is experiencing and the wide spread problems. I must say it isn’t just not receiving my money that has made me angry, but their service and responses are unbelievably poor.

    I wish I stopped playing there years ago but no one had the same sort of guarantees and large money tourneys, at least for what I could find for the same value with the same volume of runners. Since everything went down FTP don’t even have that going for them now, their tourneys suck as does their service and integrity.

    Very very disappointed yet there seems nothing people can do.

    • Yeah, Full Tilt’s license has been taken away. HOWEVER, if you believe it, the word is that a deal is almost completed for a bunch of European investors to purchase Full Tilt. One of the conditions of the sale and FT getting their license back, is that the new owners re-pay the $150 Million or so owed to US players.
      I guess we will see……..

    • I know a lot of the checks issued in the last few weeks and months to players out of the US were bouncing, if indeed they ever showed up at all.
      My guess is, it does not look good.

    • Just wondering if you had any news regarding your cashout??? I also have been waiting quite sometime for two cashouts, and am wondering what im in for??

      • Cash out? Hey man, not sure if you know, but the cash outs that I posted about were 8 or 10 months ago. Full Tilt has since lost their license and not paid anyone, so there is no ‘luck’ to be had there. They are done, currently not operating and nobody is getting paid. Pretty much the end of story.

          • Yeah, I hear you-FT owes A LOT of players A LOT of money. The problem is, if they actually had it, then I think they would have paid it out and continued to operate like PokerStars has.
            Instead, they have paid no one and even got their license revoked and have been unable to operate even out of the US.
            It doesn’t look good.


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