Weekly PPA Online Poker Update

Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations,
I have great news for everyone. PPA had two excellent appearances on Capitol Hill last week!

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee held a hearing to examine the potential impact of Internet gaming regulation on Indian tribal interests on Thursday, November 17th. PPA Chairman former Sen. D’Amato testified for PPA, accompanied by PPA Executive Director John Pappas.


It is my opinion that our chairman stole the show, but do not take just my word for it, Please check out the hearing for yourself (click here to watch).
The Friday U.S. House Subcommittee for Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade hearing was excellent for poker as well. Please click here for more on this hearing, and please check out PPA’s memo to the subcommittee (linked below) to read our response regarding bot detection technology, how sites handle Internet service disruptions, and discussion of other issues important to the poker community.

These hearings are evidence of the outstanding work the poker community has done to ensure that our elected representatives hear from us. I again thank everyone for taking the steps necessary to ensure our lawmakers understand that we poker enthusiasts will not back down and will not simply go away!

PPA comes before poker media to take on the tough questions as often as possible, as I have shared with you all before. To expand on this, I have started a new weekly webcast.

I hope you will all tune in to Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny on OnTilt Radio. Please click here to listen live each Monday at 8:30 PM EST. I expect to have a famous pro on here and there, but the focus of the show will be on us – the rank-and-file enthusiast – and the steps we can take in the fight back. I hope you will all find it interesting and informative. Click here for show information.

The premiere episode aired last night, where my inaugural guest was PPA Executive Director John Pappas. We discussed last week’s House and Senate committee hearings and steps the poker community can take to ensure our elected representatives know we demand our right to play. Please click here to listen.

PPA has a weekly spot on Short Stacked Radio, where we go before host and program director Mark Hoke to tackle the tough questions. I was on last Tuesday (click here to listen…I come on at time point 1:25:30). I will be back on their program this evening (11/22) at 9:30 pm EST to answer more questions and to discuss the hearings. Additionally, PPA Chairman former Sen. D’Amato will be on at 8 pm EST. You can listen live at http://shortstackedradio.com/radio. If you have questions for me that you would like me to address on the show, please email them to me so I can answer them for you.

JJ Corrado (Short Stacked Radio Co-Host), Rich Muny, and Mark Hoke at the Hollywood Casino Deepstacks Tournament in Lawrenceburg, IN

I also appeared on QuadJacks with Zack “Sluggger5x” Tracy on Friday, November 18th. click here to listen.

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