World Series of Poker at the Rio in Vegas


I thought I would take a quick minute today to write a post, mainly for my buddy Von who asked to be upated! I am getting ready for Event #4 Omaha 8 FL here in a couple of hours and after registering yesterday, I can tell you the Rio is crazier than ever this year. The first person I run into is Ferguson; man he is a grouchy dude most of the time! Maybe it is because he can’t walk two steps without somebody asking him to sign a hat or something. Seriously-do you really need a hat sign by Chris Ferguson if you are a 22 year old guy? Give him a break.

Anyway, played a tournament at the Aria last night and had Jon Turner sitting behind me playing a cash game. I didn’t get into any games with him, mainly wanting to just take it easy and play a tournament. After playing for 5 hours, the field of about 50 players was paired down to 5. I had come back from being short stacked the entire tournament and had just gone on a run, knocked out 3 players and turned my $7k chip stack into about $50 when I got A-A in the BB. I will relate this hand for Rick and Von because you 2 think this stuff only happens online!

Anyway, 3 out of the 4 players left limp in for $1600 each. I raise to $6000 MORE. A girl in first position, who had been extremely loose and drunk the whole tournament called and everyone else folded. The flop came K-Q-3 with 2 spades. I pushed all in for an addition roughly $44k and she called me for most of her chip stack. She then flipped over 9-T of spades, hit a club on the turn and a 6 of spades on the river to knock me out, just out of the money!

Now, I don’t mind losing that hand. But, I don’t think calling a $6k raise from UTG with 9-T suited is much of a play. Nor do I think calling an all in on a draw is a very good play, but I suppose she figured the only way she was going to beat me in the tournament was to suck out a hand. Anyway, hopefully I got that bad beat out of the way and I can get on a streak of luck in Event #4 tonight. Will keep you guys updated, wish me luck!

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  1. I was looking for you last night for the Omaha game and found you in the middle of the room. I did happen to take a picture of you playing. I will have to try and send it to you. I was down there for the WSOP Academy and flew out today. Didn’t get a chance to say Hi.



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