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I have been getting a lot of questions lately about this year’s new WSOP Colossus NLH event. This is the first time that the WSOP has ever offered a Bracelet event with a buy in so low. ($565) So many players are expected to attend that there are 4-flight times available spread over 2 days and estimates are that 10k-15k entrants might be playing this event. I can tell you for sure that the Rio will be a mad house this weekend!

I do know several players who are planning on playing the event as there is a lot of equity in this one with a $5-million guaranteed prize purse. I am going to play the event myself  and I am recommending that every pre-register for it as I just did yesterday. I have never really found a need to pre-register for WSOP events in the past. Usually if you are there a day ahead of time or even a few hours a head of time its no biggie to walk up to the cage and pay your buy in. But in this case with so many players involved, I am pretty sure that it will be total chaos will hours long wait in line to pay the day of the tournament.

The pre-registration is easy except that you have to send either a cashiers check or wire transfer the money which is a bit of a pain in the butt. However, the $20 fee that my bank charged me to wire the payment to the Rio is much preferable (to me at least) to standing in line at the Rio for hours on end to pay for the tournament when I get there. The cut-off day for pre-registration is 2 weeks in advance of any event, so if you are planning on playing, get it done soon as time is about up!

A lot of patience is going to be necessary to navigate this event but it should be fun and I am really interested to see what kind of job the Rio will do in organizing a Colossus like this one! See you at the tables.

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